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Mostly articles that I find insightful.

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I collect the best articles on design, marketing, business, and management from across the web in public Evernote libraries. This library has been invaluable in guiding my decision making.


Everything starts with design. Best practices? Research? Inspiration? Find it here. 


How to use analytics to connect and influence the customers you actually have, rather than the ones you thought you had.


Going from an individual contributor to a manager is hard. Learn how to connect with, motivate, and protect your team.


How to turn a great product into a great business.

Stas Sculpts

I raise a tiny adorable daughter. I sculpt small adorable monsters. I pet large adorable cats.

I am Stas Goldobin

I work as the Head of Product Development for the Merchandising and Compose teams at Symphony Commerce.

I play at Tat Wong Kung Fu AcademyFunky Door Yoga, and make little sculptures.

You can find me on Twitter as @stasome and LinkedIn. Here's what I'm reading (OPML).

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